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  • May 5th 2024 at 6:14 AM
    Payout Request Format or example

    Payout Request Format or example

    Recently, a discussion on members being banned for 
    rude payout requests has prompted this blog post. 
    (Am at my wits' end to understand - when you do all the hard work, 
    why throw it away by being rude? My brain couldnt compute)

    I believe most communication that seems rude in nature 
    is not always intentional but a lack of language skills.

    I was also asked - is it fair or right for admins to do this?

    Unfortunately, it is an unregulated line of business 
    and up to the admins.

    We can compare it to the restaurant business 
    that has - Rights of Admission.

    If you misbehave, you can be asked to leave.
    Not just behaviour, clothing etc., we know what is allowed and what is not.

    Therefore, Yes, being rude can make an admin ban, 
    even if you don't think it is fair.  

    After speaking to a few admins, and seeing the messages,
    here are some common messages that are considered impolite (borderline rude):

    1. Pay Me
    2. Admin, I want payment

    3. Blah, Blah (criticize) and then say by the way, my payment is due …

    4. Repeated reminders

    5. Why are you taking so long to pay????? 

    6. Usage of too many question marks and exclamations … 

    7. Sending repeated tickets without checking
    responses from admin in emails (Yes, omg, there are several)

    And, you may say that you have been paid by some admins 
    (even with these types of messages).
    Thank your stars for such admins who have a broader 
    understanding of language issues, the world, culture etc.

    My point is - why take that chance or give a reason to be banned
    when your hardwork and money is at stake?

    Here is a sample payout request format you can use when requesting payment

    (Red text - the basic components it should contain)


    Dear Admin or Hello Admin (usage of names is also ok, leave it up to you) or
    Greetings of the day, Admin.

    Giving Thanks 

    Thank you for giving me a wonderful opportunity to earn.  

    (yes, thank them - it is a no brainier- they work 24/7 
    to keep their site running for you to earn

    Newsflash - If you think surfing is a rocket science (niche) skill! 
    and justifies the above messages ...

    You should seek counseling and medical help.

    I mean this in the nicest possible way, understand the skill level needed to surf.  
    Very very important!

    Suggestions if any (optional)

    Good opportunity to showcase yourself 
    when you suggest something for the site. 

    Actual payout request

    As per the requirements or T&C, I have reached payout 
    and wish to request payout to my

    Provide more than one option is better.

    Sign Off

    Many thanks for your support.

    Have a great / wonderful / awesome day ahead.

    Best Wishes

    Now, let's put it all together and this is how it looks.

    Dear Admin

    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to earn.
    Much appreciated.  I like many of the features here like the co-op and the team surfing etc.
    Please implement Login Spotlight if possible at a reasonable price.
    I noticed that $1 works on many sites.

    Please note, i have successfully reached the payout threshold of $15.

    My preferred payment processor is WISE or Paypal

    My email id is

    CURRENCY: (local currency) - atleast rule in my country. 

    Wishing you a wonderful day and a great week ahead.

    Best wishes

    Store it as a template and COPY. PASTE. CHANGE as REQD. REPEAT.

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  • Dec 31st 2023 at 2:21 AM
    Welcome 2024 🥂

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 🥂

    Dear Friends,
    Thank you for making 2023 a year to remember! 
    When there is so much choice out there,
    I am delighted that you have put your faith in me

    You are an integral part of my team, network, friends and family 

    Hope 2024 will make all your dreams come true 💫 and
    if in any way i can be instrumental in making that happen, you know where to reach me! 

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  • Nov 13th 2023 at 9:29 PM
    Latest Updates

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Payout Request Format or example
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New TE from Howard Glaves - Jan'24
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Welcome 2024 🥂
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