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  • Feb 21st 2022 at 10:52 AM
    Where l am now thanks to the Internet

    My name is Steve Smith and l live with my family in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland to me the most beautiful place in the whole wide world.

    Although l am the proud owner of FastnFurious Traffic, life hasn't always been that good for me, so l would like to share my story with you.

    I left school at 16 no qualifications and barely able to read and write being treated throughout those years to ridicule and thought of as being thick and stupid. In those days dyslexia hadn't been heard of, so you were left in a corner and ignored by teachers and treated as unteachable. It is amazing how you then start to believe it yourself.

    On leaving school the only jobs I could find were with minimum pay and no hope of any future. The pay at the end of the week that didn't even pay the bills. This continued for a few years, I was becoming more and more depressed and further in debt until I was forced into bankrupcy for 5 long years where my whole world fell apart.

    I was serving my time as I call it. All I can say is it was just like serving a prison sentence having all my liberties taken away from me, my credit cards, bank accounts and so many restrictions you wouldn't believe. With bankrupcy out the way and free to have a fresh start I was determined not to put myself back in the same situation again.

    I started to look around for a different way to earn a living. After weeks of looking and nothing, a leaflet came through my door. "Earn £1500 a week delivering and collecting catalogues, call me". Well we all know if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. Out of pure desperation I called and was greeted by lovely man with a Northern Irish accent who wasn't pushy at all. After our chat he sent me some details and then arranged to fly over from Northern Ireland to me meet and explain more and that is when my life changed forever.

    The company was based in Europe, listed on the UK Stock Exchange and been trading for 80+ years. They had recently changed their sales to an offline Multi Level Marketing Company. I explained to the guy about my learning difficulties and was assured that would not be a problem as he would be supporting me personally every step of the way.

    So l joined for the next 18 years. Martin my sponsor true to his word flew over from Northern Ireland every month and not only became a great friend and mentor, but taught me all l needed to know in building a 6 figure income. Life and income was great and what I had always dreamed about until out of the blue I was watching the news on tv about a 100 year old company listed on the Stock Exchange had closed without warning.

    Suddenly my income had gone from 6 figures to zero over night. After the initial shock and desperate thoughts it suddenly dawned on me life wasn't as bad as it was before, l had invested wisely over the years and had an income that would see me and my family through our lives, so why not help others do the same and that is how FastnFurious Traffic was born.

    People who know me will tell you my techie and coding skills are virtually zero, the only thing l am good at is promoting. I needed help so l called on my good friend Klara who probably owns one of the best Traffic Exchanges online Hungry For Hits plus her new edition The Food Game and that was how FastnFurious Traffic came to be, Thank you Klara.

    I love to work hands on with all my members just like my mentor Martin did with me and would also like to offer personal assistance to anyone who would like to earn a living online. Never let anything get in your way, because all you have to do is believe to achieve and with the right help anything is possible. NEVER FORGET THAT.

    To your Success,

    Steve Smith

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Where l am now thanks to the Internet
Feb 21st 2022 at 10:52 AM
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