Frequently asked questions

FastnFurious Traffic is an internet advertising program. We do not Require you to ever, pay any fees to join and use our services. We are strictly an advertising based platform. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to use our services.

How do I receive hits?

First add your website on the Sites page under the "Ads" menu. Then go to Auto Assign, also under the "Ads" menu, and set how many % of the credits you will earn which should be automatically assigned to your website. Then click Surf under the "Surf" menu to start viewing sites from other members.

You will earn credits for every site you view. Some of the credits will be automatically assigned to your website, and the rest will be stored in your account. You can assign those credits to your website at any time, on the "Sites" page.

I can't surf!

If you can't surf, you are either being directed back to the Sites page or the Auto Assign page. There is also an error message saying what you need to do: Add a website and/or select Auto Assign.

To add a website, go to the Ads menu and add it on the Sites page. To select a value for Auto Assign, go to the Ads menu and add it on the Auto Assign page. After doing these two things, you can surf to earn credits.

You don't need to have any credits to select an Auto assign value. The value simply explains how large part of the credits you will earn when you start surfing that will be automatically assigned to the website.

How do I get a Profile picture?

To have a profile picture, you have to use Gravatar, Globally recognized avatars. Sign up there with the email you use for your account here, or add this email to your existing Gravatar account. Connect a picture to it and rate the picture "G" as in suitable for all ages.

How can I earn commissions?

Promote any of the Fast n Furious traffic links listed on the Affiliate Toolbox page under the Affiliates menu. When someone signs up from your link, they will be your referral. You will earn credits when they surf and commissions when they purchase something.

How do I get my commissions?

Enter your preferred payout method and the address for it on the Profile page under the Account menu. Pro members have a minimum payout of $5, Semi pro members have a minimum payout of $7.50, and Free members have a minimum payout of $10. Simply contact support below to request your payout.

Fast n Furious Traffic Rules:

-Sites must be in English.
-No frame-breaking websites.
-No pop-ups - No pop-unders - No exit pop-ups.
-No sites with anything that must be closed before surfing can continue.
-No PTP sites.
-The use of automatic bots is not allowed, and will be punished with account suspension.
-No MLM programs, High Yield Programs, Pyramid schemes, or Get Rich Quick schemes.
-Any cheating and your account will be suspended.
-The use of automatic bots is not allowed, and will be punished with account suspension.
-Using paid to sign up sites or to bribe others for them to sign up is not allowed.
-You can not imply to new members that they need to upgrade. It is always possible to have a free account.
-Only one account per member is allowed. It's not allowed to create duplicate accounts.
-Traffic exchange owners or Safelist owners are excluded from all contests.

If you have any other questions, please contact support by using the button below, or sending an email to

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