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  • Feb 22nd 2022 at 4:26 PM
    My Background In This Big Wide World

    I am an 80's kid, born in Weatherford Oklahoma, USA, raised in Montrose, Colorado, USA, but have lived in Denver, Colorado, USA since my teens.

    I am married 25 years now coming up in June 2022 and in the past I have worked in both the bowling and pay TV industry. I have one son who is just recently graduated high school and also just moved out on his own.

    I am a big sports enthusiast and can regularly be seen at games here in Denver that involve my teams, the Broncos, Avalanche, and Rockies. I love bowling and in fact have 3 perfect 300 games in my lifetime. I have traveled to many states to bowl in National tournaments and while never took first, had a lot of fun participating. I also love movies of all genres and try to sit down and watch some in my spare time.

    Since I was a kid I had been dealing with kidney problems in some fashion. Well in 2019 it came to the point I needed a kidney transplant. I had already been on the waiting list accruing time since 2012. I was just about to start dialysis when I got the call for a donor. I had a successful transplant and recovery and so far Grover (the kidney) is doing awesome. I cannot think the donors family enough...

    I have been in and out of marketing from 2008 to 2013. I was like a lot of us, struggling along joining everything and all the cool new shiny objects in site. But that all changed in 2018 when I cam across a 20 year program called Secrets of the Big Dogs, which many of you may have heard of or even been a part of since it has been around so long. I can happily say as of 2020 I work full time from home and I have loved every minute of it. Being immune compromised from the transplant it is much better for me to stay home then work in a public setting, which is why online marketing is my passion now.

    Anyway that is the jist of my life. Enjoy!

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My Background In This Big Wide World
Feb 22nd 2022 at 4:26 PM
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